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let emotions well up and overflow.
live life. love life. love to live. live to love.

Monday, November 2, 2009


why is it..
that we hide behind masks?

it's so sad to realize one day..
that the person you think you knew.. was hurting so much.
and yet they wouldn't show it.

and you thought everything was FINE.

i mean..
why are we afraid of being vulnerable?
why are we so scared of feeling weak?
why is it, that we need to always appear STRONG?!

it's so stupid.
not letting others know you're hurting..
and yet, yearning for it all the same.

they'd say it's pride.

so much pain.
over pride.

is it too much to come for help when you're drowning?

haha.. and it's ironic.
for me to be writing about these things..
and yet be doing the same damn thing.

guess in the end..
it's all just a facade.

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